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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Our teachers are:

                                                       Jennifer Rankin                               Amy Crosthwaite

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Our Learning:

Welcome to our page! 5R and 5C have really enjoyed being back at school this year, and we have been covering the topic of Journeys.

First, we took a journey down the river Nile. We learned about how the Nile is important to Egypt, both now and thousands of years ago. We'll be able to use this knowledge later in the year when we study Ancient Egypt. We created art, wrote reports, and investigated maps as part of our project.

Next, we took a journey back in time, through the history of Streatham. We looked at the origin of Streatham in Anglo-Saxon times, through its development during the 19th Century, and followed it's history all the way through to the Second World War. We even took a trip to the school basement, which was used as an air-raid shelter during the war.

During Science, we have been examining and experimenting with materials. We observed how materials can change, and whether those changes are reversible or irreversible. For example, we dissolved salt into water and were able to reverse this reaction by using our knowledge of evaporation from Year 4. 

We're really excited for next term, when we will be exploring ancient civilizations, and focussing on Ancient Egypt, in History, and studying forces in Science.