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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Our teachers are:

                                                         Bonnie Slater                                  Katarina Perry

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Our Learning:

Year Four have had a very exciting and extremely busy Autumn term.  The children have been immersing themselves in our ‘Journeys’ topic since our return to school in September.

Children have been learning about the fascinating historical period of the Anglo Saxons, as well as other tribes from that time including the Celts and Scots. We learnt about the incredible treasure discovered at Sutton Hoo which allowed the children to have the opportunity to explore and write about a range of artefacts from the past. We investigated the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and King William the Conqueror. This topic culminated in our ‘turn back the clock’ day which saw children dressing as Anglo Saxons and engaging in a range of activities that explored the way people lived and worked during this fascinating period.

In geography we continued to focus on the topic of journeys by learning about Rivers. We learnt about how they are formed and their different features. The children learnt a lot of technical vocabulary and became real river experts! We also learnt about map reading and had a virtual trip to Hyde Park​ to hone our orienteering skills which was lots of fun.

In DT children have been exploring cams. They investigated how cams works and then designed their own creation incorporating a cam mechanism. created a range of art work around the topic of ‘toys’. Their final piece of art work was a cam mechanism inside a box based on the story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

In Science children have been exploring the topic of ‘living things and their habitats’. Children have learnt about different characteristics and made food chains and food webs as well as created classification keys. We had a lot of fun testing the classification keys afterwards to see if they worked!

Children have also been learning about the the Christmas story as part of RE topic on Christianity. We have been regularly talking and discussing our emotions during circle time sessions in PSHE. We are fit and active with twice weekly PE sessions and we have been improving our language skills with weekly Spanish.​

We are looking forward to our next term and learning more together.