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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Our teachers are:

                                                           Fiona Buchan                               Alistair Holloway 

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Our Learning:

In Year 3 we have loved our topic of The Stone Age this Autumn term.

In History, we have been learning all about life in The Stone Age. We have compared life 30,000 years ago to life now. How did they get their food? Where did they live? We created a human timeline to get a sense of just how long ago it was.

In Art, we have been looking at Stone Age cave art. We practised the techniques that they would have used including creating our own pigments for painting from materials available in the Stone Age such as berries.

In Science, we have covered two topics: light and rocks & fossils. In our light topic we learned what a light source is, how shadows are created and that light travels in straight lines. We also learnt about how to protect ourselves from UV rays. In our rocks & fossils topic we investigated the properties of rocks and discussed what different rocks are used for. We also learned about where fossils come from and how they are formed.

We had a fabulous Palaeolithic workshop to tie it all together with real-life Stone Age artefacts and led by a real-life archaeologist.

Finally, for our Turn Back the Clock day, we dressed up as cave people and hunted and gathered in the local Unigate Woods.