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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Our teachers are:

                                                              Cherrelle Spence                               Michael Holland

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Our Learning:

In Year 2 we have loved our topic of Journey Through Time this Autumn term. We explored how the River Thames has changed over time. The children watched the introduction to the 1943 film of Shakespeare’s Henry V. This started with an in depth depiction of London in the 1600s and we watched the audience and actors of the Globe Theatre at the beginning of the play. In Art, we looked at the work of Monet on the subject of the River Thames as part of topic in the first two weeks back from Summer holiday. Then we looked at collage, focussing on Picasso and Cubism. 

Children went through different stages of creating their own cubist portrait.

In English we began the Autumn term reading different versions of the story “Goldilocks”, and how this story has changed over time. In maths we looked at place value, addition and subtraction and spent as much time as possible outside the classroom to explore and develop our understanding.


In History, we have been learning all toys and exploring how toys have changed over time. Did you know, the oldest recorded toy in this country is a doll that is over 2000 years old, found at Stonehenge?

We studied the different materials used to make toys in a cross-curricular link with Science, studying the use of everyday materials: plastic, wood, metal, paper, etc. We explored their use in our project on toys.

The children also compared modern toys to older toys to see how technology has changed their construction and sophistication. One of our favourite toys was an old ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ Mr Holland bought in! it helped is to explore the theme of ‘changes within living memory’!

Finally, in a cross-curricular link with Design and Technology, we created our own toys in a special classroom toy work shop for Turn Back the Clock day. We created vehicles using a carriage, axles and wheels. The children worked collaboratively in pairs and they absolutely loved the whole project!