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Year 1


Katarina Perry         &       Jacqui Rackham      and         Rosie Smith

Welcome to Year 1!

The start to the summer term has been very optimistic in Year 1. We had an unexpected visit from Beegu, the main character from our book,  in our classes.  We are going to teach her how to make friends, speak English and how to be courageous. We are also going to explore poem writing as well as work on our non -  fiction and fiction writing using correct sentence punctuation. Our Literacy lessons will be also building on the children’s speaking and writing in full sentences, using correct sentence punctuation and neat handwriting and presentation. 

We will continue to revise our phonics daily during our phonics sessions and guided reading sessions. 

In maths we have started learning counting in  2s, 5s and 10s, recognising equal and unequal groups, repeated additions and arrays. We will also learn about fractions, money, time, position and directions as well as extend our understanding of place value within 100. In our Maths lessons, we are going to work very hard on neat presentation of our work.

Through this term’s topic London and Beyond we are going to learn about the history of Sunnyhill School. We will be using simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of our school and its grounds. Learning about the world’s continents and oceans, using maps, atlases and globes will gives us an opportunity to  reflect on our heritage, how we are all part of a global society and celebrate this  together with the whole school community in 

Sunnyhhill’s famous Great Get Together event. 

Year 1 this term will be doing ‘Intro to Sports’ for outdoor PE and Gymnastics for indoor PE - (1RS Wednesday and Friday, 1PT Monday and Wednesday). We will continue to do music lessons with Lambeth Music Service once a week, and many of our children take part in various after school clubs. 

There is homework set every week on the Sunnyhill School website on the Year 1 page, and the children have all been given homework exercise books to complete their homework, practise their phonics and any other work they enjoy doing in their spare time. Please make sure you access this as well as them reading their Collins Connect books online regularly.