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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teachers are:

                           Sarah Edwards                               Kaneez Haider                                 Rosie Smith

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Our Learning:

Year One have had an exciting and very busy Autumn term.  The children have been immersing themselves in the topic ‘Journey through time’.

Children have been looking at ‘old’ and ‘new’ toys and were visited by a toy workshop which allowed them the opportunity to explore and write about a range of toys from the past. This topic culminated in our ‘turn back the clock’ day which saw children dressing as teddy bears and engaging in a range of activities that explored toys from the past.

In Art children have been exploring the work of ‘Eduardo Paolozzi’. They created a range of art work around the topic of ‘toys’. Their final piece of art work was a collage using a range of media and materials.

In Science children have been exploring the topic of ‘materials’. Children have explored a range of materials and had discussions around these materials, their purpose and properties. Children made  houses with materials such as lego, playdough and sticks and then tested their houses to see which were the strongest.

Children have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans in our weekly geography lessons. Children have learnt the names of the five oceans and engaged in discussions about the role the ocean plays in caring for a range of sea life. Children created ‘ocean factfiles’ and ocean art work.