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Vision and Values

Our Vision is:
Learning Together, we will all be exceptional!


Our School Values are:
  • We Respect Each Other
  • Every Individual Matters
  • We Take Responsibility
  • We Strive for Excellence
  • We Try our Best
Our School Mission Statement

We aim to develop our school so that it has consistency at its heart, that it is a creative and exciting place for our children and for the community, that we have high expectations of each other and that we hold each other to account.

  • We are committed to educating in a holistic way, focusing on the social, moral, creative and artistic as well as the academic.
  • We aim to give children opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills they will need for later in life.
  • We strive to have high expectations of each other and of all our children encouraging them to always do their best.
  • We are working hard to build a school community with positive relationships based upon clear values, respect and support.
  • We are proud of the cultural diversity that makes up our community, seeing it as a strength, which we celebrate at every opportunity. 
  • We are helping children see the importance of taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and their learning.

We are ambitious for our children and for our school.

Quality, Creativity, Consistency and collaboration is what we work towards – they are at the heart of everything we do.