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Our vision: Learning together we will all be exceptional scientists!

At Sunnyhill, we provide the children with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigative skills which will enable them to answer scientific questions, building on their natural interest and curiosity about the world in which they live and fostering a respect for research and the wonder of discovery.

We want Sunnyhill pupils to:

  • Experience Science lessons that are creative, inspiring, hands-on and fun
  • Lead their learning
  • Use high quality stimuli alongside technology and resources
  • Discover Science inside and outside the classroom
  • Learn from experts
  • Experience Science lessons that build on prior learning
  • Link their learning to real life experiences
  • Be curious, using questions to find out more

 How Science is taught at Sunnyhill:

In EYFS, Science is introduced indirectly through activities that encourage the children to explore, problem solve, observe, predict, think, make decisions and talk about the world around them.

From Year 1, the children engage in activities which develop their scientific knowledge, vocabulary and skills.  They explore key questions and become more familiar with each of the elements of working scientifically as they move through the school, including generating their own lines of enquiry, making predictions, analysing results, observing changes over time, collecting results in a variety of ways, drawing conclusions from their observations and evaluating their own method and the reliability of their results. Underpinning this work is an emphasis on children actively participating in their own practical investigations and experiments, utilising the classroom, wider school environment and the local environment and community.


Each class has a Science schema map. This is used to activate prior learning, record brand new learning and address misconceptions in Science topics.


Our Science Vocabulary

At Sunnyhill, we know that a good understanding of a wide range of vocabulary supports success across the whole national curriculum. We have identified ‘core’ words that the children will meet in different subjects and in different topics. These words will be revisited and taught in different contexts so that the children develop a deep understanding of their meaning and they become tools with which children can access the knowledge, skills and understanding the curriculum demands.  This vocabulary will form a backbone through our curriculum to help to scaffold and develop the children’s learning.

Science Enrichment

We are lucky to have a range of science-focused venues and opportunities for practical field work on our doorstep. We’re constantly looking for new and meaningful experiences that will enrich the scientific understanding and investigative skills of the children we teach.  Our curriculum plan offers the following Scientific enrichment experiences:


Visits to Unigate Woods and the Rookery. A visit to the Horniman Museum Aquarium


A visit to the farm

Year 1

A visit to The British Wildlife Centre and The South London Botanical Institute

Year 2

A visit to the Brockwell Greenhouses and an exotic animals workshop

Year 3

A visit to the Garden Museum and a beekeeper workshop

Year 4

A ‘school of noise’ workshop

Year 5

A visit to the Science Museum – Wonderlab and a star gazing night at school

Year 6

A 6 week climate change workshop










We utilise Streatham Rookery and Unigate Woods for learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum, including Science. 

London in Bloom

This year we were really proud winners of the ‘London In Bloom Schools Environmental Challenge 2022’. Take a look at all of the hard work that the teachers and children put in throughout the year to achieve this award.

London in Bloom Sunnyhill.pptx (please see a PDF document at the bottom of this page)

Science at home

Whether at home or at school, our Science explorers are always ready for a challenge.


Science Club

Our Key Stage 2 Science Club gives the children opportunities to have hands-on science experiences, encouraging them to work together in a fun and collaborative setting.  The children are encouraged to ask questions and learn that things don’t always go as expected!

Celebrating Science

In the Spring Term, our whole school focus is Science. The theme of the term is ‘What a Wonderful World’. We celebrate the children’s learning at the end of term with a whole school exhibition, where children and families can get together to view the amazing Science learning that has been produced over the term.


Science Exhibition

Watch this space …….


Through our Ogden Trust partnership with three other local schools, we have secured funding for a brand new Phiz Lab at Sunnyhill. This Phiz Lab will be a dedicated teaching space for primary science, supporting and encouraging well-resourced science lessons. We look forward to Dunraven, Streatham Wells and Immanuel and St Andrews Primary Schools sharing this exciting new space with us.