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School Meals

At Sunnyhill Primary School school meals are freshly prepared on the day by our catering company, ISS.  The menu is changed daily over a three week period.  There is a choice of main courses available including a vegetarian dish, as well as a selection of vegetables, salads, fruit and dessert. 

Copy of menu is available from the school office and is attached below.


The current cost of a school meal is £2.50 per day, £12.50 per week.  Payments must be made in advance via our online payment system PAY 360 EDUCATION PAYMENTS.  If you are not able to pay via SIMS Pay, please contact the school office to obtain a bar code to pay at a PayPoint.   

If you do not have an account or your activation code has expired, please contact the School Administration Team via email or call 020 8769 4785 (Option 1).                                                               

If payment for school meals has not been received, you will be asked to provide your child with a packed lunch.

Free School Meals

If you receive benefits and think you should be entitled to Free School Meals, please complete the Free School Meal Application Form available from the school office or within the Forms section on this website and return it to the school office.  We will then contact you to confirm your eligibility. 

Currently all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for Free School Meal regardless of their family circumstances.

Packed Lunches

If you would prefer your child to have a packed lunch please make sure that it is balanced and healthy.

We do not allow sweets, crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks or glass bottles.  Please ensure that food containing nuts is not brought in to school in order to protect children with serious nut allergies. 

Children are encouraged to bring water in plastic bottles to be drunk during the day.

If you wish to change meal pattern, please contact the School Administration Team.  If you do not let us know of any intended changes, you may still be charged for a school meal.

What to include in your child's packed lunch:


Food Allergies Image result for nut free school

Sunnyhill is a ‘nut free’ school.   People who suffer from nut allergies can develop a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. If someone has a nut allergy it is not just eating nuts that can cause a severe reaction, just being touched on the skin or smelling the breath of someone who has had nuts or a product containing nuts can trigger anaphylactic shock (which can cause breathing and swallowing difficulties).

We cannot have nuts in school in any form. So please can we ask that you have no nut products in your child’s packed lunch boxes or brought into the school as treats or snacks for after school activities. If you wish to bring in a cake/cakes for your child’s birthday, we will only accept cakes that have been made in a nut free environment, this needs to be clearly labelled on the product. If your child has consumed a product containing nuts before coming to school (ie: granola for breakfast), please ensure that they wash/sanitise their hands before arriving at school. Please do not be offended if a member of staff informs you that your cake must be collected from the school office – it is due to ensuring the safety of pupils with severe allergies at our school.

If your child suffers from any food allergies and requires special dietary please complete the Dietary Referral Form available from the school office or within the Forms section on this website and return to the school office with supporting medical evidence.