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School Council

Our School Council team is a diverse group of pupils from Y3-6 who work together on pupil-led projects.  They choose the topic they feel most passionately about at the beginning of each year, brainstorming ideas on how to raise awareness and tackle the issue.  In the past year, they have worked on the following:

  • Speaking to classes throughout the school to make a map of where children feel safest and where they feel more vulnerable around the school site - helping to inform changes
  • Healthy packed lunch project, involving: surveys, competitions, incentives such as stickers, letters to parents and assemblies
  • Planning of a food waste audit- to be actioned in the summer term
  • Volunteering at the local food bank
  • Collection for the local food bank
  • Planning and leading events such as A Question of Sunnyhill Sport and parts of our Great Get Together and Jubilee events