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Welcome to Reception

Our teachers are:

                                                          Charlotte Hamilton                           Andi Vowers

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Our Learning:

Reception class have been doing some really exciting learning through some wonderful story books.

We started with “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

We made a small world to retell the story, we made marks on leaves for Max’s forest, we talked about our own feelings and we even taught Max about counting by making him his very own counting sticks.  We thought about how we could help Max manage his feelings and we thought about how we could manage our own feelings too.

Next we really enjoyed “I am Henry Finch” by Viviane Schwarz which is a story about realising your own greatness.


We thought about what made us great, we also learnt about finches in real life.  We did some birdwatching outside and we wrote to Henry finch to say how proud we were of him.

We really enjoyed “Halibut Jackson” by David Lucas which is a beautiful book about being shy.

In the book, Halibut Jackson becomes a fashion designer to the royals. We made our own shop, designed our own outfits, and we even designed a garden party at the Queen’s palace, complete with signs, party invitations and decorations.