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Peer Mediators

All of our Y5 pupil are trained to become Peer Mediators.  During the training, they are taught to be aware how the emotions felt and the actions seen can sometimes be very different.  They are shown the importance of good listening and how to reframe.  They also learn the five steps of mediation, where they must listen to the problem and repeat back to the disputants, so that each person is heard fairly.

Once trained, they work in pairs, on a rota system, to carry out a daily mediation service for KS2 in the playground at break and lunchtimes.  In addition to this they have taken part in the following:

  • ‚ÄčOrganised activities during anti-bullying week, including a pledge wall of kindness
  • Worked alongside charities such as ‚ÄčInitiatives for Change as part of their "Take one step" campaign
  • Planning and making an online safety booklet to be distributed to KS2