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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is underpinned by our core values of:

  • Respect each other
  • Every individual matters
  • Take responsibility
  • Strive for excellence
  • Try your best
Curriculum intent

At Sunnyhill our curriculum is designed to respond to local, national and international events, creating valuable and meaningful learning experiences for the pupils.   We plan creative learning journeys for our children, based on what we know they need to learn, what is relevant for them, the National Curriculum and their own ideas and interests.

We aim to:

Make learning appropriate, creative and fun.

Determine prior knowledge in order to ensure that all children make progress.

Take the children on a learning journey through cross-curricular teaching.

Provide a wide variety of enrichment opportunities to enhance learning.

Look beyond primary school, promoting positive attitudes to learning which reflect the skills needed for future success.

Promote community involvement, recognising the wealth of experiences and opportunities that living in London provides.

Celebrate diversity.  We are proud of our diverse school community and want this to be reflected in all areas of our curriculum.

Value and build on the talents and creativity of all of our pupils.

Creative Curriculum Planning

The process of planning a creative, quality rich learning experience is consistent throughout the school.

Process for planning

Teachers choose a theme that explores an element of the chosen whole school focus for a term.

They look at the information in the National Curriculum and our skills ladders and plan a starting point for their creative learning journey- something real for the children to experience.

The teachers introduce the project to the children- and get their input before firming up which skills are going to be used to support learning. They decide on what the end ‘real experience’ is going to be for the journey (for example- this could be an exhibition, a performance, a trip etc.)

Our curriculum map, the National curriculum, and the skills ladders are used as signposts along the creative learning journey- we use them in a cross curricular way (so for instance, letter writing might be taught through a project all about The Romans). We look for connections wherever possible between subjects, projects and ideas to help children remember as much as possible.

Throughout their learning we look for opportunities for the pupils to review their own learning as well as reviewing what they have learnt themselves – these are like pit stops along the Creative Learning Journey  to assess the progress the children have made against their starting points. 

We assess at the end of the Creative Learning Journey - what progress have the children made?

We use this term’s plan and the progress the children have made to decide which skills to focus on next term.