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The Sunnyhill Governing body is made up of thirteen governors plus the school’s Head Teacher.

  • one governor is appointed by the local authority,
  • two governors are elected by parents,
  • one governor is a staff governor
  • nine are co-opted governors.

Each year we hold six full governors meetings, one in each half term.

The role of Chair of Governors is currently held by co-opted governor, Christina McGill.

The role of Vice Chair is currently held by co-opted governor, James Canvin.

Governance Responsibilities

The school governing body has specific responsibilities which are defined by the Department for Education as:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

These duties are reflected in the agendas for our termly meetings. Governors also carry out duties as part of working parties and make visits to school to carry out their duties.

The Sunnyhill governing body has one permanent working party, the Finance  Working Party (FWP), which takes delegated responsibility from the full governing body for detailed financial planning and monitoring of the school budgets and expenditure.

Governor’s individual link topics

To hello the governing body carry out its duties effectively, individual governors take responsibility for building up in-depth knowledge and additional duties related to specific areas of school life and the required policy areas. The current distribution of specialist topics is:


Governor type


Christina McGill

Co-opted Governor

  • Member of Resources Committee
  • Link Governor for Safeguarding
  • Link Governor for premises and school environment

Karen Aghatise

Local Authority Governor


Michael Holland

Staff Governor

  • Link Governor for Health and Wellbeing, and Arts

Tracie Franco Davila

Parent Governor

  • Link Governor for Teaching and Curriculum (shared)

Julia Cardenas

Parent Governor

  • Link Governor for Teaching and Curriculum (shared)

Paulina Bartman

 Co-opted Governor

  • Link Governor for SEN

Lilly Kotsepier

Co-opted Governor

  • Vice Chair of Governors
  • Chair and Member of Resources Committee

James Canvin

Co-opted Governor

  • Chair of Governors, Member of Resources Committee
  • Link Governor for Citizenship

Lawrence Schoeb

Co-opted Governor
  • Link Governor for Data

Elyanne Hatton

Co-opted Governor  

Tom Veness

Co-opted Governor
  • Member of Resources Committee

Sunnyhill Governing Body Annual Statement July 2018-19

The Sunnyhill Governing body is made up of nine governors plus the school’s Head Teacher. We have one governor appointed by the local authority, four parent governors, one staff governor and three co-opted governors.

This year we have had six full Governing body meetings, one in each half term. During these meetings we have the chance to hear about how the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have been delivering our school improvement plan and keeping the school running as normal whilst we made arrangements to recruit a new permanent Head Teacher. We are very grateful for all they have done, particularly Ms Condron, to ensure that children at Sunnyhill had an excellent and stimulating educational year.

Recruiting a new Head Teacher is the most important task that a Governing body has to undertake and  all the governors took part in some aspect of the process, from writing the advertising pack, to planning the recruitment tasks and serving on the interview panel. A panel of five governors spent two days interviewing candidates and Sunnyhill pupils were also involved, represented by members of the school council who interviewed the final candidates. After putting candidates through their paces, Governors were unanimous in our decision. We very much look forward to welcoming Mrs Wilson to the staff team in September and working alongside her in the years ahead.

Another decision that we took part in, which has already taken very visible shape around the school, was the idea of changing the school uniform, following feedback from pupils. We were very pleased to see the children propose their own ideas and lead development of the new school emblem and the full uniform design.

A very important part of our role this year has been to monitor the school’s finances as, like so many schools, Sunnyhill has had a significant cut to their budget. With the support of parents, teachers and the whole school community we are pleased to have had a positive end to the financial year, however the times ahead will continue to be challenging. We will be making the financial stability of the school a major priority in the coming year.

To help us undertake our duties, Governors attend training and development events. The courses attended this year have included training on Effective Governance, Parent and Pupil Engagement, Financial Governance, Safer Recruitment Training and Induction for new governors.

Governors have visited school throughout the year, sometimes coinciding with our school celebrations or special occasions such as Careers Day, performances and end of term celebration exhibitions. Behind the scenes, we have also spent time in school with other duties, such as checking that arrangements for safeguarding are all in place and in order, and hearing about how the school site is being maintained in a safe and appropriate manner.

We reviewed a long list of school policies this year and are looking forward to seeing them made available for all through our new school website which will go live from September.

At the last meeting of the year we had a detailed look at the progress and achievement of all pupils at Sunnyhill and we were very pleased that the overall achievement of our pupils is good. We know from our discussions with the SLT that all staff at Sunnyhill work very hard to make sure that every individual pupil has the teaching, opportunities and the challenge that they need in order to achieve their best and we are very proud of all the hard work that they and the students put in.

Early in the new Autumn term 2019, we will be taking the opportunity to review the vision and plans for Sunnyhill Primary. We will focus on making sure that we can adapt to the new financial challenges that all schools are facing, so that pupils at Sunnyhill will continue to have an enjoyable, nurturing and stimulating learning experience at our school.

You can read more about individual Governors and see a copy of our constitution on the Governance page of this website.

Sunnyhill School Governors                                                                                                                    July 2019