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Our vision: Learning together we will all be exceptional designers and creators!

At Sunnyhill, we ensure that Design Technology lessons give children the opportunity to develop key metacognitive skills such as working collaboratively,  problem solving and taking risks.  Across the school, the children are encouraged to be creative and innovative when planning, creating and evaluating their DT projects.

We want Sunnyhill pupils to:

  • use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real life problems, thinking about important issues such as sustainability and enterprise

  • use their Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Computing and Art knowledge to make innovative projects that they can see, touch and even taste for themselves

  • Be reflective and evaluate their own work and products

  • Be inspired by inventors, designers, engineers, chefs and manufacturers who have developed ground-breaking products 

  • Learn from experts

  • Be confident with using different tools and materials 


How DT is taught at Sunnyhill:

In the Early Years, DT is incorporated into the ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ strand of learning. DT provision often arises out of children’s interests.  Resources are readily available within the EYFS classrooms so that the children can experiment with building, combining materials and creating spaces. Links are also made with the class text, home learning, visits or experiences. Children have access to Indoor and outdoor classroom areas where they are encouraged to self select materials in order to make creations of their own choosing.  

Throughout the year the children get numerous opportunities to practice their cooking skills, with a variety of fun, cooking activities. 



From Year 1 to Year 6, the children develop skills and knowledge in five key areas; mechanisms, cooking and nutrition, structures, textiles and electrical and mechanical components. 

The sequence of learning for each DT project includes:

  • ​A clear purpose and user for the product

  • Evaluations of existing products

  • Discrete teaching of the skills used to make/build the products 

  • Evaluations of final designs​

We ensure that Design Technology links directly to the topics being taught allowing the children to have a proper sense of purpose; learning always becomes more meaningful when set in a tangible context.

We plan the activities in design and technology so that they build upon the prior learning of the children. We give children of all abilities the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, ensuring that they are increasingly challenged as they move through the school. 

When teachers deliver the DT curriculum, they plan inclusive lessons taking into account the needs of the class. 

Pupils record ideas, designs and skills in their book, which are then used to track the progress and record the achievements of pupil’s experiences in design and technology. 

Spotlight on architecture:

During the Summer Term, the children have an opportunity to explore the architecture of London through a study of (historic and modern) buildings and structures. 


The children have the opportunity to work with textiles in specific textile projects throughout the year.

Cooking and Nutrition

At Sunnyhill we have a dedicated food technology room which is equipped with all of the resources that the children need to make a range of healthy dishes.  We also run a very popular, after school cookery club.

Chef Of The Year

Each year we take part in the ‘ISS Chef Of The Year’ competition where the winning entry gets the opportunity to cook their dish in front of a panel of judges.  Entrants from a range of primary schools in Lambeth take part in the competition.  This year, Sunnyhill’s entrant came third out of 100 children.