Our Classes

Our Classes


Sunnyhill Classes

Sunnyhill Primary School is a community school. As such we work closely with Lambeth Local Authority following its rules and regulations.

We are in the process of moving from a 2 form of entry (2 classes in each year group) to a 3 form of entry school. This process will be complete by September 2017.

Our classes are all named after rivers throughout Great Britain.

Each term class teachers produce a newsletter so that parents are aware of what children are working on in school and how they can support them at home.

Early Years

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2



Reception Thames

Reception Tyne

Reception Torridge


Year1 Ely

Year1 Eden

Year1 Esk


Year2 Beam

Year2 Beck

Year2 Bailey


Year3 Severn

Year3 Sprint

Year3 Stour


Year4 Avon

Year4 Aire

Year4 Arrow


Year5 Crane

Year5 Creedy

Year5 Cregg 


Year6 Rife

Year6 Rother 

Year6 Ribble