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About Us


About our school

This is a good school. Since its previous inspection, it has successfully raised standards whilst also improving many aspects of its provision. Good levels of pastoral care, guidance and support are effective in ensuring that pupils feel safe and well cared for and thrive in their personal development. Pupils benefit from good relationships with staff and their behaviour is good, both in lessons and at play.

OFSTED- September 2012.

Sunnyhill is a large, expanding primary school with a Nursery and Children’s centre in the heart of Streatham. By 2017 we will be fully three forms of entry in every year group from Reception to Year6.

Since 2009 the school has gone from strength to strength. We have continued to develop a sense of purpose and clear direction within our school. Our school community is supportive about what is going on at Sunnyhill and there is a positive atmosphere about the future amongst all those who work to support and who have links with the school. We have a clear vision that we share with the Local Authority and our community of parents, Governors, teachers and pupils to insure that we are always focused on moving forward and that there is a clear direction for the immediate and long term future.

The school team have developed together creative ways of working and planning- by trying out new ideas we have had a positive effect on assessment and children’s learning. This creativity is backed up with a real sense of rigour. We have clear expectations of one another , we look for opportunites to work collaboratively as much as possible, developing child centred policies and clear procedures, closely monitoring lessons, planning and assessments, focusing on making sure that we know how best to support our pupils to make progress every year. We know we are moving in the right direction- we now have confident pupils who are happy at school and staff who have good morale and enjoy coming to work. Sunnyhill is a happy place to learn!

We have established core values that underpin everything we do, contributing to a greater sense of team work whilst remaining child centred. These core values were agreed as a school community. They highlight collectively important concepts that need to be worked at and focused on by all pupils, staff, parents and governors.

  • Core Values

  • Respect for one another

  • Every individual matters

  • Taking responsibility

  • Striving for excellence

  • Trying our best

Through careful research, using the most recent OFSTED report, contextual information from the Local Authority, national data and by talking to children, staff, parents, governors and working closely with Lambeth through the Sunnyhill Action Group, four areas became the focus for school improvement for the next two years.

Achievement and Standards: That we provide a curriculum that is inspiring and appropriate to the needs of our community, with effective systems and support encouraging all children to try their best.

Assessment and Target setting:That we continue to assess our practice so that we are providing our pupils with what they need to make progress, fostering the skills and attitudes that we know will have a positive impact on learning, constantly having high expectations of each other and the school community.

The School Community: That we continue to develop processes that encourage review, ideas, thoughts, needs and wants to be shared and used to further inform decision making and future development of the school at all levels, celebrating our achievements and embedding high expectations of one another.

The School Environment: That we develop the school site , both inside and outside, so that it becomes the stimulating, beautiful, appropriate and safe learning environment that our children deserve.

These strategic intent statements sum up our ambitions for the school over the next few years. We have set ourselves aspirational targets for the future regardless of our pupil’s starting points we have high expectations of them, and of each other.

We are well on the way to meeting our goals and are clear about the way we need to move forward. We know that we have the capacity to improve and look forward to the bright future ahead- we know that in many instances we already demonstrate that our provision is outstanding- one of our aims is to be oustanding across the board within the next few years and are committed to work as hard as we can to achieve this.

We really hope that you enjoy looking at our website and see evidence of how we demonstrate our commitment to the core values.